Make Big Money From your Home!
Just Call Categories of Business’ that use Box-Trucks (We assign them to you)
My Patented “NO GLUE” Billboarder Banner Advertising Framing System…
…USA Patent # 8.096.070 Turns any Box-Truck… into 2 GIANT BILLBOARDS!
Try it for 3 hours and you will be a Believer! Work/CALL from HOME! MAKE BIG $$$
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So glad that you are Interested in making $$$ With Us
By making True, Honest, Scouting Calls for my company,
Featuring My Patented “NO GLUE” BillBoarder BANNER Faming System
You don’t Sell Anything!!! Just find people who would like us, to make them,
Some Free Artwork for Their Companies 2 Big Billboard-like Sides of their Box-Trucks

Turns the sides of any Box-Truck, into 2 Big BILLBOARDS,
at a small fraction of the usual price of GLUING ADS TO THE TRUCK 
ONLY $699 (that’s for both sides) with Us
INSTEAD OF $3000 for the usual Glued on Method

Our Framing System is Far Cheaper 
and FAR SUPERIOR. And Way Better, by Far! Over 2000 Sold and Climbing.

You don’t SELL ANYTHING! You call categories of businesses that we assign to you,
that are most likely to have box trucks. You offer to make them Free Artwork for the sides
of their Box-Trucks without Any Obligation to Buy Anything.
There are Millions of Box-Trucks on the road, that already have Signs!
For every 1 of those, there are 5 Box-Trucks that don’t have Signs. 

The sides of a Box-Truck, are actually 2 Billboards.
Most “Billboard” Highway Space rents for about $3500 a month

When you call a Truck Owner, with Blank or Wrong Outdated Ads,
on the sides of their Box-Trucks
they most likely, will take you up, on our offer to make them up some FREE ARTWORK,
and clearly say YES to our FREE ARTWORK OFFER.  
And you have created a very strong lead and will receive 
$100 for each Framing System Sold.

Many Truck Owners have more than just one truck! Some have 10 or more! trucks.
You get $100 for every sale of a Truck done with a Billboarder Banner Framing System!
Example; 8 trucks done = an $800 Commission Check for You! 

Many times your calling efforts will result in SALES of
Non-Framing System Sign Products. 
Like BANNERS Magnetic Signs, Vehicle Decals/Wraps and much more.
You make $$ on them too. 
When we Email your Potential Customer his Artwork and a
Price Quote on having his trucks done
with our Banner Framing System, we also send along our Banner Price List as well as our
Sign Product Website Link.  
This very often results in Banner and other Sign Product Sales! 
You receive 10% of the sale (Tax excluded) for non-Framing System Sign Products.

What you actually do, is so SIMPLE!
You Deliver my Offer to make them up some Free Artwork for their Box-Truck(s)
Without any Obligation to Buy Anything. 
My Offer of free Artwork must be delivered
(except for interruptions or questions from person you’re calling)
just as it is written in the script and spoken in the Audio!

When a Business Owner answers “YES” to the question,
“So Bob, would you like us to make you up some Free Artwork, 
So you can see what your trucks would look like, with Big Signage on them?” 

You THEN go to our customer form website.
Fill out a lead form with your potential Customer info and Click the Submit Button
and you got a good chance of making $100 to $1000 or more!!! 
Your involvement in the order taking process is over! 
We make up the Artwork and Email it to your Potential Customer,
and… WE do all the follow up “Sales Calls”! 

The leads you give us are VERRY STRONG LEADS and have a great chance of bringing you
a minimum of $100.. More for multiple trucks DONE. 

1. Your Potential Customer has Voluntarily given you his Email address, Best phone# and His Name

2. Your Potential Customer has Clearly Answered “YES“ to the question, 
“Would you like us to make you up some Free Artwork?” 
Your Potential Customer, realizes that if we make them up the Artwork…
…someone is most likely to be calling him back and he still says

3. Our USA Patented Banner Framing System is so Far Superior and so Far Less Expensive
than the traditional, Old, Glued or Stuck to the truck method of application,
which when Glued to the truck and the Advertising needs replacing,
leaves the truck owner with nothing but a glued on mess to scrape off, 
Another $200 in “scrape off” labor + another $3000 to re-glue new Ads. 
With us, the Box-Truck Owner is left with a forever EZ-To-Change ad Banner Framing System
and so much cheaper way to go! 
All he needs to change ads are 2 new BANNERS about $300
instead of another $3000 for a new glued-on job!
$3000 VS. $699 both sides Banners and Frames! 
He is already Interested, because he has said yes to requesting the artwork.
and When he receives his Beautiful Artwork for his truck
and reads the additional information we send him,
And you receive hundreds of $$Dollars$$ calling for us!

Let’s get started! Go to the 3 BUTTONS below.
and click on the FIRST BUTTON …”Do’s & Dont’s
It is Packed with Valuable “Calling TIPS” that has been garnered over many
Decades of Telephone Calling/Communicating with Potential Buyers.

Then click on the Script Button
Once you have the Script in front of you, click the Audio Button
Practice reading out loud, try to emulate the audio!

If YOU feel that you’re are sounding good and most importantly speaking
in a very understandable non-rushed normal speech .
Then fill out the form below, so we know you would like a call back
so you can read the script for us. Note: we do not expect perfect…
you will get better just by making calls and of course our training tips and help!
After hearing you read the script for us. If I or our Marketing Director, Alex Raya
think YOU can make lots of money
for You and our company, we will Sign You Up As Our Agent!
And get you going with everything you need to start calling…
…Calling lists and Business Category to call and answer any ??? .

THANKS Jay Markoff 
Got any Questions? I or our Marketing Director, Alex Raya
will answer all ??? when we call you back
if you need further help before you fill out the form call 619-644-1564 OFFICE

Click on the 3 link BLACK BUTTONS below in the order they are in
to view (or listen) 1. Dos & Don’ts
2. Your calling Script 3. An audio example of your call, for you to Verbally Emulate!

Note: Very light accents are FINE, but this is a talking Job so HEAVY, hard to understand accents
are not for this particular, talking task
NOW Once you have gone though the 3 Buttons below, Fill-Out the form below,
we will call you back!

Please do not fill out the form until you have Gone thru the 3 buttons and folling the instructions above,
and feel you can deliver the Script in a
Nice, Slow Paced, Understandable Delivery.

Please fill out all fields on our form then click submit